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According to leading analysts, billions of dollars are wasted or lost each year due to breaches of identity and security. Implementing an effective identity and access management systems is imperative; however, it must not preclude access to the important elements that help drive your business: employees, customers and suppliers. In EagleEye , we have put this system as our top priority especially these days where every organization is a potential target for terrorism and information piracy and the only way to secure your organization facilities and information is by adopting the EagleEye , where every detection and identification electronic device is installed and integrated to the system. EagleEye has a unique feature called security audit, which enables the staff to internally audit its outside and inside boundaries without assistance from external security consultants or experts. The security tool which has been designed to add any type of equipment on the building will show in few steps how easy and effective can be the virtual security audit of any building or site. The user has the option to save the audit including all information for authorization and date of the audit performed.