Competency Development & Mapping

It doesn't matter what your business currently uses, Micro Smart Systems can interface and integrate your systems all in one. Such claim requires in-depth knowledge about most of the systems currently in the market and most importantly the best process to integrate such systems in one to improve effectiveness and efficiency. Our business application and solutions can be customized and interfaced with most Microsoft applications as well as SQL, Oracle, SAP, Unix and Linux systems.

Our " PROFILING' approach

Our approach to competence profiling identifies the skills, knowledge & attributes that, when applied, lead to excellent performance on the job.


We propose to work with you to identify the full range of competencies required across all roles within your organization.

Typically, these competencies can be grouped into three key areas:

• Technical Competence
• Critical Attitudes, Attributes and Organizational Values
• Self Management, Teamwork and leadership competence

We support the implementation of our systems by building the capability and knowledge of people within the client organization to ensure its sustainable application. Through effective communication and the involvement of all stake holders, Our process develops understanding and ownership within the organization, and ensures ongoing commitment to the systems that we put in place.