Business Applications & Software Customization


Coming from a technological background, Micro Smart Systems Pty Ltd understands the importance of offering new services and approaches to our clients. If you think you’re idea is cutting edge and you want the advice of a rock-solid team, let Micro Smart System’s experts run with the ball. We love the thrill of a new challenge and an unheard of concept. Let us design and develop the best custom application for the job.

If you were to make a list of core competencies of your business, there is a good chance that list will not include rebooting crashed systems, troubleshooting, computer problem or keeping up with constant influx of software upgrades or patches. We are a single source provider for all information technology needs by helping small and large organization manager and support their computer and network environment.

Some of our technical services include onsite and online support that ranges from computer and network troubleshooting, repair, maintenance, disaster recovery and security solutions. Unitizing remote assistance technology, our staffs are able to connect you to your computer or network within seconds to run diagnostics indentify problems and execute solutions. Contact your local Micro Smart Systems office for more details.