Process Re-engineering

When changing over to electronic workflows, it is important to distinguish between:-
>> Conversion of a paper based process into an electronic process
>> Re-engineering or changing of the process.

It is recommended that you start with fairly well established processes and automate them in order to start realizing the immediate benefits of business process automation.

When handling more complex processes, it is often very tempting to begin a lengthy process of streamlining or re-engineering the process. This may be because whilst a process is being analyzed, people realize that what they thought was an established process, in practice has many unwritten rules and steps. This can result in long delays before implementation of your automated workflow, but because Micro Smart Systems is so agile, you can begin the process with established procedures and adapt your workflows at a later stage to fit your re-designed processes.

Micro Smart Systems offers a powerful module for process automation that let you streamline and improve your processes. Contact your local Micro Smart Systems office for details and to arrange a demonstration.