Company Profile


Micro Smart Systems Pty Ltd was formed by a group of IT and Management specialists who believe that many efforts toward producing business management solutions are overly rigid, too complex, difficult to implement and maintain, and too costly for the vast majority of users. Taking advantage of our knowledge and years of experience, we strive to provide IT management solutions which are easy to use, flexible in design, complementary with a company’s existing business practices and cost effective. Our fundamental belief is that an IT solution should provide efficiency, not another level of complexity to an already complex business process. We believe that our customers will benefit from operating within an environment of well-designed, well-integrated management software that is tailored to meet their unique needs.


Our organization is large enough to deal with the most specialized and demanding program requirements. At the same time, our solutions are sufficiently flexible to be able to handle those needs that are unique to our clients. Micro Smart Systems prides itself on being able to assist even the most specialized companies to achieve higher efficiency through the use of Micro Smart Systems’ flexible management solutions.


Whether your company needs sophisticated security solutions, specialized solutions such as Laboratory Information Management System (MicroLIMS®), flexible reporting (MicroReport®) or just the basic general business systems to maximize performance, compliance and accounting needs, Micro Smart System has the answers.