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iComply ISO

The ISO International Standards compliance System (iComply) has been developed to as a guide and provide a road map for organizations seeking for an international certification or accreditation according to international standards such as ISO9001:2015 or ISO14001:2015 or OSHA (ISO45001 :2018) or any specific standards. The system has been developed based on ISO9001:2015 requirements and therefore any organization adopting this system will be certified to this ?standard without any preparations. The system allows users to identify the requirements for each clause in the standard and records for meeting those requirements. Micro Smart Systems offers industry’s most advanced and comprehensive suite of ISO Compliance software solutions. To achieve excellence and competitive advantage, you must effectively align your processes and resources with Customer Satisfaction-driven Strategic Performance Objectives, and manage to those objectives, this is why leading companies are replacing their point solutions and paper based systems with iComply to automate and integrate to one grand solution.