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A Competency is defined as “a combination of skills, job attitude and knowledge, which reflected on job behavior that can be observed, measured and evaluated”. Micro Smart Systems’ Competency Assurance Management Software (iCAMS ) is a complete solution that can help organizations manage and grow the skills, knowledge, and behaviors required for each employee to perform successfully in a job role. The earliest version of this type of software was custom developed for oil and gas organizations such as PB, ExxonMobil, ADNOC and SAUDI ARAMCO. Today, our software is used and available to all companies and is especially useful to those in manufacturing, construction, finance, healthcare, and more. In iCAMS , we have managed successfully to convert every job description into a state-of-the-art electronic matrix called “Competency Matrix”, which is the center of our of software. This matrix defines the required skills for every known job, and for each competency, it defines the skill proficiency levels and type of training required for each level.