Product & Solutions


iShare offers integrated services to deploy knowledge management instruments for networks of participants, i.e. active knowledge workers, in knowledge-intensive business processes along the entire knowledge life cycle. iShare can be used for a wide range of cooperative, collaborative, adhocracy and hierarchy communities, virtual organizations, societies and other virtual networks, to manage media contents; activities, interactions and work-flows purposes; projects; works, networks, departments, privileges, roles, participants and other active users in order to extract and generate new knowledge and to enhance, leverage and transfer in new outcomes of knowledge providing new services using new formats and interfaces and different communication channels. Unlike Google’s search engine, or social media platforms such as LinkedIn, or live chatting sites such as WhatsApp or GoToMeeting, which have been used by users for exchanging or sharing random information or seeking wide knowledge, the iShare system focuses on building and sharing specific knowledge among those who share same discipline or background but different levels of proficiency or experience, i.e. civil engineers, lawyers, doctors, pilots, etc. and make this knowledge available for future generations.