Newsroom - MoI to showcase FEDLIMS data management system at Gitex 2011

12 October 2011

Interior Ministry Displayed at GITEX for the year 2011 the management information system (FEDLIMS), who works on online knowledge management, database known as (MicroLIMS) to accelerate the achievement and provide excellent quality services.

This system is used for the first time at the regional level in the work of the Criminal Evidence Department at Abu Dhabi Police.

Colonel Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi, Director of the Criminal Evidence Department at Abu Dhabi Police, said that system (FEDLIMS) integrated information management system that will support all current practices and practical systems and exchange of information in the administration and all branches. He added that, functioning FEDLIMS system on the online knowledge management, database known as (MicroLIMS), which enhances communication required and facilitates the transfer of information to and from sections as well as the branches.

And works to secure the highest levels of confidentiality to follow administrative procedures and issues reports without papers, and works to cover all aspects of daily procedures.

He stated that the system FEDLIMS complements and is compatible with operating system for business and everyday tasks in the management of forensic evidence, and the system provides users the types of detailed statistics and accurate reports in the form of graphs and tables are soft and simple and contains electronic directory of training, System shows how to set up a quality system of management so that the laboratory Criminal investigation and review of the highest international accreditation standards of quality..