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Vehicles Tracking and Identification System

According to leading security and terrorism analysts, most of the security risks ‎and terrorism attacks are conducted through a mobile object which is most of times either through stolen or suspected vehicles, trucks, motorcycles or even planes or through suicide bombers difficult to track and monitor and when there is no and ‎smart system to provide a warning sign, or enables police force to identify and track such vehicle, such countries have high vulnerability to such attacks and have caused maximum fatalities and damages due to easy disguise and hiding of such weapons inside the vehicle and easy access of this mobile object to the ‎indented or targeted areas.

Therefore, Micro Smart Systems believe that once all mobile objects such as cars, trucks, and even motorcycles have identification and tracking device, it will be very easy to detect the location of that vehicle and stop it before it reaches its target and detonate or to recover the stolen vehicles from organized car thieves. The system will serve another purpose, which is providing some inside statistics about The statistics from these attacks show that in countries where unreported vehicles are where most accidents happen and how to allocate early warning mobile stations that will stop such vehicle from reaching its intended target. The system can also track and detect vehicles which are underground bunkers or hidden ‎inside garages which is impossible for police security forces to find out as it works on technology that is able to detect the vehicle up to 300 meters in diameter All mobile and fixed tracking and identification objects are connected directly through a wireless special network to a central command room, where all information are analyzed and communicated to the right personnel for a quick and effective action to stop the terror attack or criminal act form happening.