Product & Solutions

Laboratory Information Management System (MicroLIMS)

In MicroLIMS®, we have put this framework as our top priority especially these days where every laboratory is required to be accredited to a rigid and hard requirements and yet very important for a testing laboratory to ensure credibility, traceability and technical competency are present in every operation conducted in the laboratory. In addition, the system structure has been developed based on the requirements of ISO17025 standard in which every laboratory must demonstrate the competencies (technical and management) and evidence of proper calibration. See latest food recipes at Woolworths Catalogue christmas

System's Capabilities & Strengths

The system is capable of performing the following functions:

1. Full module for business plan including balanced scorecard, risk management matrix and SWOT analysis.
2. Generate a full competency matrix to highlight the required skills for each employee in the laboratory and according to tasks for such position
3. Integration of all laboratory hardware and equipments with the system software.
4. Ability to integrate all measuring devices and equipments directly with the system which will eliminate the process of manual entry of results and data into certificate of analysis.
5. Web-based system that can be accessed from anywhere.
6. User-friendly based on touch buttons.
7. Can take a large number of database (millions of records)
8. Automated approval process for any tests results or any laboratory process through a click of the mouse.
9. Ability to create any type of report (graphically and tables) through few clicks in a user friendly format.