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Micro Smart Systems

Board Of Directors

Peter holds a Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from La Trobe University. He Majored in Strategic Management, Management theory and practice, Organizational Behavior and Business Improvement Methodology. Peter has more than 20 years of Management experience which includes both manufacturing and service industries. In the last 15 years he has worked in the extremely demanding automotive sector, Logistics, Quality, Environment, and Production Management.
Ghilan Marcus
Board Member
With over 15 years experience in IT product development, consulting, customer support, and management, Ghilan has applied his business and technical expertise to companies in industries ranging from financial services to manufacturing, telecommunications, health, and retail. His success in leading development teams, managing product releases, and directing clients system implementations demonstrates the extent of his experience with large and complex software applications.
Michelle Ward
Board Member
Michelle has extensive experience in Sales and Marketing and has a background in Design and Web technology, which includes Web development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Video to Web, Multimedia solutions and Web marketing. In the last 12 years Michelle has been working in Business's to significantly improve their performance and profitability. Michelle brings with her a vast experience in business improvement methodology.